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Michelle is a digital consultant helping small businesses including those using etsy

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In order to succeed in the digital world you have to be up to date in all the latest trends and updates.

Identify Your Brand

Identifying who you are and who your ideal client is is important to find the right platform and message.

Plan of Action

Posting and sharing with intention will minimize pressure and attract your ideal client and increase your brand awareness.

Seek to Improve

Settling with "good enough" is not good enough anymore. Fine tuning will get you to success.

Michelle Melo Digital Consultant

Michelle Melo, Your Digital Guru and Business Support

After starting my own business and helping countless others start their own, I became intrigued and even fascinated by the digital world and how we can use social media and our own websites to, not only  generate sales and brand awareness, but to represent the individual business owner. 

A major component of my consulting is taking a holistic approach to Digital Media. Looking at the business and the owner as a whole, not just pushing a product but the full story and inspiration behind your craft. There are countless consultants out there that just push out a formula that doesn’t work for everyone and then end up blaming the client for “not trying”.

I also believe in empowering the creator to learn how to create, manage, and handle their own digital print with expert knowledge.  When you have creative energy, you are constantly changing and expanding and your digital imprint should reflect this. 

I am eager to get to know you and help. Let’s set up a consultation call and get you started today.


This is only some of the services that Michelle Melo Digital can provide to support you and your brand

Social Media

From creating a curated content calendar exclusively for your business to full Social Media Management.

Logo & Branding

From basic logo creation to working one on one with our in-house graphic designer, let's make something you will love.

WordPress & eCommerce

From helping you learn to build you own site to having a full service option where it is all done for you. Pick what works for you.

Digital Business Audit

Let's find out what you are doing right and what you can do to fine tune it.

Michelle Digital Consultant for Small Business

Read What My Clients Say About Their Experience

Michelle is truly incredible. I started with no knowledge and nervous about building a website on my own. She guided me every step of the way in a gentle and patient manner. It was really a treat that after a few hours I had my own domain, website and able to take credit cards online. Now I can manage my own website without outside help."

Michelle is the best! She has great advice on how someone like me, who has never used social media, can make it fun and post with intention. Working with her is wonderful. She is full of knowledge and truly a blessing."

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