Digital Consultant for Small Business

Yes, you can and should get a digital consultant for small business. There are lots of benefits in hiring a digital consultant for you small business, including taking some pressure off an already stressful event of opening your own business.

What can a Digital Consultant Do for You?

First you have to identify your goals and what your needs are. This is why I like to take a Holistic approach to digital consulting and taking a look at the individual and business as a whole, not a one size fits all model. 

Some of the goals you can discuss with who you hire are:

  • Creating a Content Calendar
  • Taking over your preferred social media accounts
  • Website and Digital Audit
  • Hashtag Assessment
  • Logo and Branding assitant
  • Niche Research in Social Media
  • Setting up your own website and eCommerce site
  • Audit on how to improve posts
  • SEO Research
  • Templates for Instagram Posts
  • Setting up Ads

Of course this is not an exhaustive list, just a few ideas on what you can look for and ask about. 

Can a small Business afford a Digital Consultant?

Absolutely. There are price ranges that start on the inexpensive side to the very expensive. I recommend doing your research and going with the person you feel most comfortable with. There are option to chose a la carte to whole packages that work with all types of budgets. 

Of course, hiring someone to help you with your business is a big decision but it is an investment that can benefit your own business. 

Where can I find a Consultant?

You are in luck, you can start right here! Let’s book a call and talk about what your goals are and what you want to accomplish. I can’t wait to connect with you. 

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